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Two countries - One region

What to say in conclusion?

The last printed page, the latest signatures and done - the project "Two countries - one region", which was supported by the Objective 3 is over. Hard to say if we will miss you more shining eyes of the youngest visitors to our events, fielded questions on excursions, haggling over the graphic design of posters and leaflets or concerns about the terms of the submission of all r... Celý článek

The final conference of the project "Two countries - one region"

Latest test of equipment, inspection of snacks, several times rearranging prepared materials, so it seemed in the morning March 26. 2015 in the Vzdělávací a rekreační centrum Lesná. Even on the quietest members of the team fell just before the start of the final conference of the project "Two countries - one region" no. 100 15049 supported by the program Cíl of at least three m... Celý článek

Started on the nature trail

On 17. 2. 2015 the site of the nature trail was handed over to the company and the building could to start. During the construction will be fitted fourteen educational boards, five interactive elements and stone resting near the timber pond. Interactive elements are wooden xylophone, animal footprints, herb garden, and labyrinth and drift model. The nature trail will be complet... Celý článek

Forgotten lacing in Lesná in the Ore Mountains

On 11. 2. 2015 prepared representatives of the Horský klub Lesná v Krušných horách, o. s.  in cooperation with teachers from the Vzdělávací a rekreační centrum Lesná, o. p. s.  course for all lovers of handiwork and beautiful traditions. The course was for beginners and advanced lace-makers too. The experienced lecturer Pavla Salvová from Litvinov told first about the history o... Celý článek

After Christmas rest while exploring the Ore Mountains

Workers of the Infocentrum Lesenská pláň took advantage of the mild winters and chose to carry sightseer’s distant cities. That is after Christmas was to identify not only because of the calendar, which showed on December 29, but mainly for fear of passing through the narrowest alley in the Czech Republic. Although it is the narrowest street in the country, only one was possibl... Celý článek

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