Vzdělávací a rekreační centrum Lesná, o.p.s.

Offer of stays

Workers Information Centre co Lesenská plain and Information Centre Fortuna arise themed packages focusing on different target groups and by individual seasons.

From experience we know that visitors currently do not stay the whole stay in one place in the vicinity, but their activities are aimed at about 40-50 km from the residence. For this reason we have extended the site most attractive also in this radial.

Although more and more customers use the Internet to obtain basic information, the older generation still prefers printed promotional materials. Since this is a considerable audience, both information centers elaborate a comprehensive offer for the printed form.

You can also find information about unusual places where large numbers of tourists to the area did not benefit from or are very specific sites of interest mainly to the strong group -pozorování game, technical cultural monuments, which are currently used for other purposes like.

For numerous meetings, organized trips and conferences will be used for translation technology. Translation briefcase used by both the applicant and project partner. Enhancing action is in place. Understanding words at that moment will contribute to removing language barriers between Czechs and Germans.
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